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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 16, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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an attorney for one of his alleged victims calls him a depraved sexual predator. tonight this former fifth grade teacher is facing more than 1=hundred charges of abusing young boys in his class.
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these allegations first surfaced last april. at woodside elementary school in concord. the list of possible victims has now reached more than one dozen boys. jeff bush is live in concord with these new developments. jeff? breaking news tonight--- an amber alert has been issued for two children kidnapped from elko, nevada. authorities say the two children you see here. nine-year old lillianna ramirez. and three-year old martin rosales. were abducted on wednesday, august 14. the alleged kidnappers are martin rosales. and amber schenck. the c-h-p says they are possibly driving a 80 or 90's model blue ford mustang. with a possible nebraska license plate or paper plate. the amber alert extends from sacramento to mexico. if you see this people, you are asked to call 9-1-1. >> pam: developing tonight-- a traffic nightmare for those heading to the east
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bay earlier this evening. after a motorcycle wreck forced the closure of all lanes of highway- 24 for two hours. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. on top of that accident. there was an officer involved shooting. which may be connected. kron 4's jr stone is live at the scene near orinda. j-r what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, pam here we are, three hours later after the officer involved shooting. the sheriff's department is still trying to get the facts straight. they are busy at work looking for clues in the have been out here for some time. let me show you some video. this was shot with the just the last one hour. they are a basically taking fixtures. and there were
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specifically looking at the tire tracks. as for what they're rollicking for? it was not clear. however, the c h p is involved as well as the sheriff's department and the orinda police department. they wanted to figure out what this cost this eastbound lanes on 24. still, right behind me they are sorting through all of this evidence. and we will let you know. just outside of orinda j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: when the new eastern span of the bay bridge opens up next month, officials say, drivers will have a completely different experience from crossing over the old bridge. kron 4's charles clifford is live tonight on treasure island, charles, what can commuters
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expect? >> reporter: the new eastern span cost $16.4 billion. they will finally see what they get for that money. the most obvious feature is that the new bridge has side by side east and west bound lanes. no more upper and lower deck, at least to the east of yerba buena island. the new bridge is also curved and arcs slightly, which will give drivers unobstructed views of san francisco bay. there will be five traffic lanes in each direction, thats the same number as on the old bridge but now there will also be 10 foot wide shoulders on each side. that's good news for drivers because if a vehicle breaks down , it can pull over and traffic can keep moving. the new bridge will also feature a 15 and a half foot wide pedestrian walkway and bikepath along the southside of the eastbound lanes. the walkway will eventually run from oakland to yerba buena island, but will only partially open in september. the old bridge needs to be removed before the walkway can be linked to the island.
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the new span will also feature an entirely new lighting scheme. there will be 48 thousand led lights mounted on more than 1500 fixtures. the lights will provide even lighting across the roadway and are designed to be almost invisible to oncoming traffic. there will also be new lighting inside the tunnel on yerba buena island. this will be opening on september 3rd. charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> pam: continuing our coverage on the new span of the bay bridge. william ibbs is a civil engineering professor at u-c berkeley. he weighs in on the concerns he has. on taking down the existing span. >> once we opened the new bridge caltran attention is going to be largely focused on the new bridge in the maintenance on the existing span. with that it could
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potentially present problems. the delay of the demolition of the existing bridge if we cut back too much on the old bridge. of course, we risk problems. with an earthquake, or even stronger could segregate the structure and that would have terrible consequences and more mentally. and in terms of an ornamental-- environmental"port of oakland" and again. cal-trans will shut down the bridge starting at eight p-m on thursday august 28-- it will reopen at five a-m on september 3rd. >> pam: a dramatic rescue at pigeon point in pescadero. a 19-year-old man is suffering from major injuries. after falling 40 feet off the cliffside and into the ocean. officials say, the man was hiking when he fell. the san mateo fire department was called in. they used the rope system to bring him to the top of the cliff.
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rescuers airlifted the man to stanford hospital. >> a brazen burglary at the tiffany's store in walnut creek. is the talk of the town. the high-end jewelry store on south main street re- opened today. our kron 4 news cameras were there as the first customers came back to shop. repairs took place through the night. to fix the damage done during the heist early wednesday morning, police say, the burglars drove a pick-up truck through the front door. then smashed jewelry cases with a hammer they only got away with a small amount of jewelery. people who shop at the store still can't believe this happened. >> it is very surprising, he specially, " to tiffany's ". them. they are great, the walnut police tarpon are great. >> pam: police are asking the public to look at these surveillance pictures this white chevy blazer is the get away car. the store.
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reported stolen. and left at the scene. so far, no arrests have been made. it's a story people are talking about on our website -- kron-4 dot com. stay connected -- with that story and many others.. you can also check in. on our facebook page and twitter. >> pam: the person of interest behind the disappearance and death of sandra coke. was in court today. a judge revoked the parole for randy alana. after he allegedly had repeated contact with coke. alana, is a convicted killer and also has prior convictions for kidnapping, robbery and rape. he was paroled from state prison last year. coke was a federal investigator last seen august 4th. her body was found in a park in vacaville last friday. oakland police said, coke had dated alana some 20 years ago. and they believe he was with her on the night she disappeared. tonight alana is being held without bail at the santa rita jail in dublin. his next court date is november 1st.
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>> accused serial killer joseph naso delivered his closing statement today. as he represents himself in his murder trial. and is trying to convince a jury to spare his life. he is charged with the murder of four woman dating back several decades. all four victims had the same first and last initials in their names. at times, naso was long and rambling and seemed to loose his chain of thought. it is expected that the jury will not get to start deliberations until monday. if convicted, naso could face the death penalty. developing tonight. taxpayers who say they cannot depend on their police department any longer. are giving up on the oakland police department to secure their neighborhoods frustrated residents in the oakland hills are now paying private security companies to do the job that police are not kron4's haaziq madyun rode along with one of the guards on patrol >> "if we see something out of the ordinary, someone who looks like they clearly do not belong up here, they're not here to see
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anybodywe check them out" >> reporter: checking out suspicious persons here in oakland's oakmore neighborhoodthat is now the job of a-n-i securitya private security company contracted by over 100 residents in this part of the oakland hillstajel smith patrols this area >> "we've been having a lot of break-ins in houses and lately a lot of break-ins in vehicles" >> reporter: smith says it was the rise in residential and auto burglaries that led frustrated residents to seek help outside the of the understaffed oakland police department >> "you know the police can't always respond to everythingthey'll call us" >> reporter: in fact the owner of the security company says his guards work well with oakland police >> "if they see any crime in progress, they can apprehend and wait for the officer to get there and hand him over to the police" >> reporter: the guards use their own personal
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vehiclesmarked with these company logos on the sideday and night foot patrols are part of security ruitinea ruitine that puts guards in frequent contact with people who live here >> "we even know who walks whose dog" >> reporter: in the oakland hills, haaziq madyun- kron4news >> pam: the first west nile virus victim has been discovered in marin county. this years first infected human case has county officials warning residents to be extra vigilant. they want people to report mosquitos in the area as well as take precautions during peak mosquito activity, which is during dusk and dawn. the risk of serious illness to most people is low. however, some individuals can develop a serious neurologic illness such as meningitis. >> pam: in national news-- first lady michelle obama's opening up about her private birthday. and even why she tried, then abandoned her bangs. athena jones has details of a new parade magazine
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interview out this weekend. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama, biking with her family today on martha's vineyard. and opening up to parade magazine about raising 15- year-old malia and 12-year- old sasha >> "what i tell my kids is, i'm preparing you for college and for life. so, having independence, knowing how to set your own boundaries, figuring out how to make that balance." >> reporter: asked about these comments to cnn affiliate wcax. >> as a busy single mother - or i shouldn't say single - as a busy mother. >> reporter: the first lady told parade >> "i give my husband credit - he knows who their friends are, he knows what their schedule is. but he's not making the calls to the dance studio to figure out what classes they're taking next year." >> reporter: mrs obama has also made a point of promoting healthy eating - with her own white house garden. and exercise -- often serving as first example -- natpop from first lady vs fallon video? taking on jimmy fallon in a
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fitness battle and teaching workout moves to kids and the coveted cover model is not above a little vanity as she approaches 50 >> "i have never felt more confident in myself, more clear on who i am as a woman.i want to be this really fly 80-, 90-year old." >> reporter: i asked mrs obama's former campaign chief of staff stephanie cutter how she'll be remembered >> fun. passionate. a good mom. a great spouse. uh, somebody that so many women across this country can relate to >> reporter: when it comes to presidential politics and whether there will be a female commander in chief in her lifetime? mrs obama says >> "yes, i think the country is ready for it. it's just a question of who's the best person out there. brighamfor more on her interview. we've posted a story on our website. >> pam: just go to kron-four dot com. ahead at eight. the creepy things found inside a kidnapper's home that will leave you thankful his young victim was found alive.
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why pot may hit the spot for thousands of sick children thanks to one of the nation's most well-known lawmakers. and a little boy with a strange boo-boo. we'll explain what leaves his skin literally crawling. kidnap victim hannah anderson making her first >> temperatures in the 60s in downtown san francisco. we are heating up with changes storms coming. [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university.
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public appearance. but not speaking to the media. tonight we are learning more about what investigators found at the home of the man who kidnapped her and murdered her mother and brother. investigators say they found indications james dimaggio made detailed preparations for his crime. grant lodes shows us the new details. just out today. the newly released search warrant lists dozens of items found in the home: among them, duct tape, an empty handcuff box and incendiary devices. also on the list: letters from hannah and a handwritten note. the contents were not revealed. investigators said earlier that anderson and her abductor exchanged more than a dozen phone calls on the day she was kidnapped. he picked her up from cheerleading practice and drove her to his home in boulevard, east of san
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diego. this week, anderson told a social media site that dimaggio had said he was losing his house because of money. she said her family went there to support him. asked how she was separated from her mother and brother she said, "he tied them up in the garage." and added, "i'm done answering questions about it." anderson's friends sheltered her from the media at a fundraiser for the family last night. one of them says anderson is trying to stay strong but can't always conceal the trauma she's suffered. >> "we're all like having a good time, and once everyone stops laughing, she kind of gets like this serious look on her face." >> reporter: her grandparents say, right now, she's just trying to get back to being a teenager. >> ".the same beautiful smile that you've seen on tv the last two weeks. she's trying to be a normal 16- year-old child, and that's what we're going to help her through." >> reporter: another deadly day in egypt. >> pam: more than 700 people have been killed. 82 deaths just today. the country is under a month-long state of emergency. the violence began early wednesday with egyptian security forces storming two massive makeshift camps filled with morsy and brotherhood party
8:20 pm
supporters. in response, tens of thousands of brotherhood supporters answered the group's call to protest across egypt. still ahead-- the truth is now out there the c-i-a admits there is an area 51. the details coming up. plus- ">> i thought it was kind of crazy." >> pam: next on kron 4-- it's where this tiny sea snail was found that will have you shaking your head. >> gary: coming up later, the 49ers, the raiders and practice. football! >> vicki: the new kron 4 news app is very easy to use easy to download. just grab your smart phone or your wireless device and click on the app store. google play or the apple itunes store and just search for kron 4. after you install it, this will take you to the landing page. you'll be able to get what you want. you are not going to have to
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>> a california boy came home with a scary souvenir from a beach vacation. a small bump grew to a large painful knot. and it turns out a baby snail was inside. michele gile has the unusual story.
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>> reporter: paul has since named the snail turbo. it now lives in a small fishbowl with the family's other pet fish. >> i thought that his kneecap had staph infection one! it was hot to the touch. and losin the antenna bls helped. but altar of the month of august it would not heal. and then a new development. >> it was one week ago today that the mother realize that it was turning black. she had to drain the will and and that is when this little thing popped out. >> it looked like a rock.
8:26 pm
and i turned it a around and it was see snell. and i thought that it was unbelievable. but when she looked inside of that show she saw it move that it was in side of that shell.. and what an odd tale the little boy has named it " turbo ". >> pam: one of the nation's most well-known lawmakers with an unusual prescription for sick children. part of cal state east bay is about to bite the dust.and we have a preview. and kron-4's stanley roberts finds some drivers behaving badly. but you won't believe how they're rewarded. >> your
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developing tonight at 8-30 >> pam: a controversial decision about kids and pot. from a likely presidential candidate. kron4's grant lodes has the details.
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>> chris christie and announces to changes before he signs this the edible for should be available to minors who have sickness. this came days after and the father of two year-old confronted him packing attempt to sign the bill when the daughter signed daughter -- suffered a polic suffered a policy epileps. >> this is a small victory. and really, we just want to maintain the idea of making the worst medical marijuana programs in the country a bit more friendly. >> many people are talking
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about this on this and feel free to join the conversation on kron 4 facebook fan page. another illegal marijuana >> banff gn is sd to be a serious threat to the environment. earlier this week we took you to another remote area east of mount hamilton, where pesticides from an illegal pot grow are threatening the watershed. now, more of the same has been found near santa cruz. a homeless camp and illegal pot grow was discovered in a heavily-wooded area just off highway 17. police say many were growing and selling marijuana in santa cruz. and using the proceeds to finance harder drug use. >> the homeless problem that we are running into is not just the old town problems. we are seeing a more aggressive population and they are dependent to use
8:32 pm
and sell and to ".fund their methamphatemine use." >> pam: police say dozens of people had been living here. pesticides, fertilizers and human waste were leeching into a nearby creek. >> pam: get your last look-- because come tomorrow morning. a historic building at cal state's east bay campus in hayward will be torn down. the implosion is expected to create an impact of about a 2-point-oh magnitude earthquake. researchers from the u-s geological survey have planted more than 600 sensors around the area. and hope to use the event to gather more information about the fault. warren hall has been empty since january 2011. after the structure was deemed the worst seismic hazard in the c-s-u system. and stay with kron-4 for saturday's building implosion at cal state east bay in hayward. it starts at 9 a-m. we will bring it you live on our morning newscast. you can also watch a live stream of it on our website -- kron-4 dot com.
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did you see the pedestrian in the crosswalk back there? no which one/ i don't know what you are talking about for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk and for driving on a suspended drivers license but here is where it get tricky because the driver never actually have a valid license political reasons illegal immigrants are not permitted to get drivers licenses. so. many drive without one you are driving on a suspended license? when and if an unlicenced driver gets stopped the dmv issues something called an xray number. so if the unlicenced driver gets stopped again. the dmv can suspend the non issued license for that person : you got a speeding ticket last year didn't you and you never fixed it sot: you received a citation from officer
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morales in my office for the exact same thing speeding and driving on a suspended license so when you ignore the law that tells me you have a disregad for the laws in ths state so i have a right to mpound your vehicle for 30 days so impounded it is. i will allow you to take your tools out of the vehicle just to make it perfectly clear if you get caught driving on a suspended license the chp will tow you and possibly hold your vehicle for 30 days in castro valley stanley roberts kron 4 news "freaking out" freaking out when a family in florida had a dangerous encounter with a black bear in their home. the babysitter took cellphone video of the bear. it left the woods and settled down on a family's porch to take a nap. the florida fish and wildlife commision said the homeowners did everything right -- the garbage and pet food was all inside. experts think the bear was just looking for a dry spot. r next on kron-- it's a meeting of the "culinary" minds. our vicki livikias takes us to a new san francisco hotspot. that will have your mouth watering. in this week's installment of dine and dish. you can get weather anytime with kron4's new mobile app. weather, traffic and news anytime you need it. for decades it's been the subject of rumors about ufos and alien autopsies. now the truth is finally out there.
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the cia confirming the existence today of that mysterious spot in the nevada desert known as area 51. it did not say anything about flying saucers. the base was apparently used for high altitude reconnaissance missions. exhibtion football.the 49ers story line tonioght. demavend nike talking about this damage control.
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>> pam: dealing with this black bear. next up is the meeting of the culinary minds. this new san francisco hot spot. in this next edition of " dine in-". >> clear skies dine and dish --. changes your forecast coming up....
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>> you know, he is joined by a famous chef. the and to name a famous chef now they are reuniting of this same location. however, i think that there is the same spot. >> you are really blessed when you collaborate with somebody it was always about
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continuing to be innovative, and high-level with passion and food. something really good and to stay busy and to enjoy. >> take a look at the dining room, the 40 forty-niners run a lock and this might top favorites are the tuna tartare, the duck breast. and to find out more and click on dine & dish. the smokin >> making both of us hungry. and we are expecting clubs
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once again. notice camera is shaking around a bit. with morning clouds and fog but lots of sunshine. some unsettled conditions coming up on sunday. we will talk more about that, and your 7 day forecast. cooler compared to just 24 hours ago. 60s and san jose. 70's and concord. and 70's and napa. the wind speeds are a bit breezy. the sh see breeze. and still, it is 20 m.p.h. in fairfield. here is satellite & radar. the same
8:46 pm
on sunday. however, near the coast giving us some instability. tomorrow, generally starting off in the '60s and '70s. by lunch, many '70s and '80s it including downtown san jose. topping out in the 80s and even low 90s for the east bay far inland locations. we will cool down for the 70's for the downtown san francisco area by 7:00 p.m. and a highs for tomorrow, 80s and milpitas. and also in mountain view and for 90's and walnut creek. pleasanton and for the los gatos area mid 70's and here is your your kron 4 7 day
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around the bay hotter on sunday with the thunderstorm activity with lightning. fire danger will be elevated. and also come with the new mobile application and the time you need it. >> pam: the subject of rumors, and ufos, area 51. the cia confirming that the mysterious. on the nevada desert. and it did not say anything about flying saucers in the report. however, the high altitude cover. >> coming up in sports, the new sonny dykes coach in naming his coach. and how did he do with the 49ers? gary radnich coming up, next. . . you don't need to camp out 'til labor day
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49ers/chiefs alex smith and jim harbaugh shaking hands before the game 1st quarter, no score smith's 1st pass is complete to anthony fasano for 9 yards smith: 6/13, 55 yards, 0 td, 1st quarter, no score 49ers 1st drive frank gore takes the handoff makes a great cut back all kinds of room 52 yard run to the chief 23 yard line. same drive colin kaepernick
8:52 pm
throws deep into the end zone but it's incomplete looking for chad hall jim harbaugh frustrated on the sideline 49ers capped off drive with a field goal 3-0 49ers kaepernick: 1/2, -3 yards, ensuing 49ers kickoff quentin demps takes it all
8:53 pm
the way back 104 yards kickoff return for a touchdown chiefs take a 7-3 lead. halftime- 13-6 chiefs the raiddsers had to travel to new orleans to get their practice work in. . dennis allen and the raiders in new orleans to take on the saints 1st quarter, 10-0 saints drew brees fires it into the end zone for a 16-yard touchdown pass to kenny stills 17-0 saints brees: 14/18, 202 yards, 1 touchdown 2nd quarter, 20-0 saints matt flynn and the raiders struggling flynn back to pass gets sacked by roman harper 5th sack of the game for the saints matt flynn: 12/16, 124 yards, 1 touchdowns halftime: 23-7 saints new cal coach sonny dykes has announced his first starting quaterback. cal football head coach sonny dykes named true freshman jared goff the starting quarterback for the upcoming year. the 6-foot-4 205 pound goff started for 3 years at marin catholic high school.
8:54 pm
he beat out fellow freshman quarterback zach kline for the top spot. cal football kicks off on august 31st when the bears host northwestern. the bears went 3-9 last season. sot: goff and dykes reax a's in a few minutes reay to host cleveland. . top 1st, 2-0 giants pablo sandoval crushes one into the gap brandon belt and hunter pence score 2
8:55 pm
rbi double for sandoval 4-0 giants. top 2nd, 7-4 giants pence lines one to deep right field brandon crawford and belt score rbi double for pence 8-4 giants top 4th, 8-4 giants hector sanchez breaks it open he hits a 3 run homer to deep right field one day after hitting a game winning 3 run homer in the 9th 2nd homer in as many days11-4 giants 6th inning: 12-9 giants chad gaudin: 4.0 innings, 8 runs, 11 hits
8:56 pm
giants held 12-4 lead in 4th inning r the latest maybe the most damaging story to lreak out on alex rodriquez. members of yankees third baseman alex rodriguez's inner circle allegedly obtained and leaked documents that implicated ryan braun in the biogensis scandal. braun was suspended for the rest of the season in the biogenesis scandal. leaking documents is a direct violation of the collective bargaining agreement. rodriguez's lawyer has denied the allegations. talk about turning something into a good invesrtment. the golden state warriors are valued at $800 million dollars. joe lacob and peter guber bought the team for $450 million dollars only 3 years ago, at the time the highest price ever for an nba franchise. forbes ranked the warriors at worth $550 million dollars as recently as january. the warriors are coming off their most successful playoff run since 1977 they sold out 38 consecutive games last season. for thiose of you have have wondereed when will gene simmons and kiss get involved in football. ved. professional football is coming back to los angeles kind of the rock band kiss has founded an arena football league expansion team that will be based in the los angeles area. the team's name? "the los
8:57 pm
angeles kiss" gene simmons of kiss said "attending an la kiss game in 2014 will be similar to a live kiss show, with thrilling, heart pounding action."
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(woman) hello, i'm calling on behalf of natalie teeger, who's running for the school board in your district. are you registered to vote? oh, my goodness. i just love that sign in the window. who made the sign, do you know? her daughter. oh, it's so colorful. where should i put these? i don't know. oh, well... (natalie) you know, i've never run for anything in my life, but i just got so angry. my daughter julie goes to ashton, and i love it. it is such a wonderful school. but they want to close it and consolidate it with the high school, which would be such a huge mistake-- (man) piece of crap copier. could you excuse me for one second? i'll be right back. just one second. all right, tell me something good. you know, this company tazarr went out of business, which is a good thing. where did you get it? uh, at a police auction. they just delivered it this morning. i got the fax machine and the computer there too.


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